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When it comes to relishing culinary delicacies while enjoying a delightful stay in Guwahati, you can trust on Hotel 'D' Courtyard. Our chefs are expert at preparing casual eatables to delicacies of formal dining. You can relish a wide variety of culinary delights that are cooked with complete authenticity of the respective country’s recipe, we take pleasure in providing welcoming and warm atmosphere where unparalleled services manifold the dining delight.

Whether you like it the spicy way or in a mild manner, we cook the heartiest meals. At our restaurants, real spices and herbs are used to make sure that you munch upon the best comestibles. Our master chefs judiciously use spices that complement ingredients rather than overshadowing them.


Courtyard cafe offers a wide range of coffee and specially grown varieties of teas along with specialized & improved styles of service. The single origin coffees are specially ground and served in uniquely designed plungers that give the perfect experience, to the guests. The teas are amongst the best in the world, which are served in special pots to control the perfect infusion of flavors.


Classic Court (Multicuisine restaurant):

It is a Multicuisine restaurant which serves all types of cuisine and a special variety on fish as the name suggest. Finding a good multi cuisine specialty restaurant in guwahati is not that easy even if few restaurants offer sea food/ fish specialties. Our restaurant offers wide choice of fish/sea food to satisfy your desires and also to keep the most discerning palates happy. The restaurant has been named as “Classic Court ’ because the staple food of the north-eastern people is rice and fish.



My Lounge offers a relaxed ambience for you to enjoy spirited cocktails, scotch, wines, fine champagnes from across the world and a great selection of beers. With its contemporary decor, inviting ambience, soft background music along with delicious appetizers and snacks. After a hectic day in the city you could relax with a glass of wine or get spirited with choice of Scotch and Cognac. It is the biggest bar in North-east. The name of the Bar makes you feel that it your lounge and all amenities are for your comfort.

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